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About us

Coaltech Engineers Pvt Ltd is a leading Company with point of contacts across the India which works to bring innovative IOT, Analytical solution to Telecom, Home and industrial market.

Coaltech Engineers Works as a B2B partner from Multinationals to Fortune 500 Companies via offering state of the art E-commerce (B2B2C) , Business Solution , Project Life cycle Management and Support for Telecom, IOT ( Home , Industrial, Consumer).

At Coaltech Engineers, we have fine-tuned the delivery models to best fit our customer’s business needs providing them quality service solutions within their budget.

Coaltech Engineers Pvt Ltd houses an extensive talent pool of Telecom/Analytics/IOT Engineers to innovatively work with the customer to build working models to suit their needs.


To develop our company as one of the largest Business solution provider for fast growing and technology Industry into Telecom, Energy and IT, while each associated person achieve his/her life’s goal to serve social responsibility as a responsible person.


To focus on our customer’s Demands and challenges by providing them excellent services and solution to produce maximum value for customers reliably.

Core Values

  • Customer focus through superior services and solution with proactively managing the changes.
  • Integrity towards the organization. Putting organization before the individuals.
  • Discipline of work ethics and professionalism.
  • Continuous improvement to broaden the performance improvement of the organization and people to achieve new heights in business growth.


  • Enables all employees to fully demonstrate their capabilities, thus promoting performances.
  • Nurtures Teamwork to achieve even the unbelievable target.
  • Maintain workplaces free of discrimination and harassment.
  • Implementing a progressive, family-friendly workplace program that seeks to enhance work and family life.
  • Career support to help employees achieve self-actualization and Facilitating Professional growth.
  • Communication with employees to improve workplace environment.
  • Strengthens Quality Consciousness
  • Encourage Transparency