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Smart Home Era is coming — Lets embrace together

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Everyone from small kid to old parents need assistance to help them in house to finish day to day task.

Finding the right human help might be a task, but what if technology can come to the rescue? Yes, there are gadgets available today that will manage many things around the house, in a matter of few clicks.

So we ask, is it worth the investment?

for person who like everyday challenges around them as mentioned below We might not need smart home solution

1. We need to preserve adventure : When we have to wake up for an early morning fight, it’s an adventure! All the tasks between reluctantly waking up and hopping inside the über need clockwork precision. If a task like switching on geyser 20 mins before taking shower is eliminated, then much needed X-factor gets significantly diminished.


2. Moms need a caring routine : Moms are so caring and the one thing they like the most is providing care. They feel so nice to do little tasks like waking up in the middle of night to switch on water motor. If we take away things like these, life would end up being so empty for them. What would they do without such a caring routine, they might have to take up something boring like writing a book!

3. The oil prices are going down. Rooftop solar is becoming popular. Energy prices are going to go down very steeply. In such an environment, it makes no sense to even think about reducing energy consumption of our home appliances.

4. We must follow advice of Ancient vedas: A famous sanskrit shlok goes like this “काक चेष्टा, बको ध्यानं, स्वान निद्रा तथैव च। ” (Perseverance of a crow, concentration of a swan, light sleep like a dog — characteristics of a perfect student). We must recognize that the air conditioner by over-chilling during night, ensures that we sleep light like a dog. Any kind of smartness that drift us away from ancient vedas shall be treated more like over-smartness.

5. The key to happiness : Everyone in the home is family. One of the “key” characteristic of the family is that we share the home “key”. How much fun it is to co-ordinate, exchange keys and do exquisite planning to avoid waking each other up. The joy to still fail despite all this meticulous planning. We can not let something stupid like a smart lock spoil all this fun & happiness.

So here it is, we have done our bit to save you from another technology trap. The rustic charm of carrying super heavy hand-baggage and pleasure of flipping the book pages is under serious threat.


But those who wish to have peace of mind at small investment. We have partnered with Oakter to bring affordable smartplugs and sockets that can be controlled via an app. This is available on both iOS and Android app stores. Priced at Rs 4,750, the starter’s kit includes one main hub and two smart plugs.

Consumer can start with a socket, a geyser or a switchboard, see the benefit and then expand if needed instead of automating the entire house initially. Consumer can started with basic KIT for Rs 4750 and can keep on adding other home electric points. Basic Kit has a central hub which can talk to up to 50 devices.


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